Senator Suggests One Debate Dedicated to Trump’s Tax Cuts

A Democrat incumbent Senator challenged his opponent to a debate on just on the Trump tax cuts. So his opponent jumped on the offer with both feet. But now the Democrat realized it was a debate he could never win. That Senator is Sherrod Brown.

He is now backpedaling as fast as he can go. If there is a state that has benefited from the Trump tax cuts, it’s Ohio. Besides the fact that Ohio is the home of several Fortune 500 companies and middle-sized businesses that shelled out $1,000 bonuses and raises, Ohio is a big state for exports. Therefore lowering the corporate tax while making American products more desirable.

The GOP must hold Sherrod’s feet to the fire if he refuses to debate on tax cuts. If he doesn’t debate, every televised or radio ad will be about the tax cuts. Certainly pointing out Brown voted against it.

Make the voters understand exactly what the tax cuts do and how it benefits them.

From The Daily Caller

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio thought it was a good thing to debate his Republican midterm challenger over the 2017 GOP tax cuts, but walked it back a day later.

Brown told The New York Times July 27 that Republicans “should be ashamed of their tax bill” and said he was willing to devote an entire debate with his challenger, GOP Rep. James B. Renacci of Ohio, to the tax reform bill. Brown, notably, voted against the bill.

The senator’s re-elect campaign issued a statement Saturday evening that claimed the two campaigns had agreed to three debates before voters head to the ballot box in November. Renacci’s campaign disputes Brown’s announcement, confirming they are interested in participating in debates but that they are still negotiating the times and dates.

The Renacci campaign is also holding Brown to his commitment to debate tax reform, publicly calling for one of the debates to solely focus on that issue. Leslie Shedd, Renacci’s senior communications person, tweeted about the campaign’s hangups.

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