Senate Pushes Forward $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution Despite No Republican Support

As the result of a strict party-line vote, the Senate has officially approved a $3.5 trillion budget resolution that was forwarded by the leadership of the Democratic party.

This past Monday, it was reported by The Daily Wire that Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader from New York, had introduced the outline of a plan to his fellow legislators. The plan seemed to allocate significant resources to education, healthcare, and many other federal social programs.

A series of very notable provisions that were mentioned in the letter from Schumer to his colleagues are as follows:

  • Establishes Universal Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds and a new child care benefit for working families
  • Makes Community College tuition-free for 2 years
  • Creates the first ever federal Paid Family and Medical Leave benefit
  • Provides Environmental justice and climate resilience
  • Establishes the first ever Civilian Climate Corps
  • Provides green cards to millions of immigrant workers and families
  • Adds a new Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit to the Medicare program

This past Wednesday, the senators held a vote that ended in approval of the resolution in a 50 to 49 vote.

As explained by the New York Times:

The blueprint sets in motion a perilous legislative process aimed at creating the largest expansion of the federal safety net in nearly six decades. The House will return early from its scheduled summer recess the week of Aug. 23 to take up the budget, so committees in both chambers can begin work fleshing out the party’s vision for what would be the greatest change to social welfare since the 1960s’ Great Society.

In spite of the fact that the resolution passed, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that he may or may not continue advancing the measure due to concerns over the budget.

“Early this morning, I voted ‘YES’ on a procedural vote to move forward on the budget reconciliation process because I believe it is important to discuss the fiscal policy future of this country,” he commented in a statement. “However, I have serious concerns about the grave consequences facing West Virginians and every American family if Congress decides to spend another $3.5 trillion… Given the current state of the economic recovery, it is simply irresponsible to continue spending at levels more suited to respond to a Great Depression or Great Recession — not an economy that is on the verge of overheating.”

Many groups of conservative lawmakers called the efforts of the Democrats a “tax and spend spree.”

“In the last six months, Democrats under Joe Biden have already spent more than $3.1 trillion,” stated Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK). “Now, with more than 70 percent of Americans concerned that Democrat spending will cause spiraling inflation, they want to add another $3.5 trillion. That’s not only irresponsible — it is reckless. Overall inflation has risen at the fastest rate in over a decade and core inflation is at the highest level in nearly 30 years, but instead of cutting back, Democrats want to double down.”

“From the first moment this reckless budget was unveiled, I was against it,” tacked on Sen. Todd Young (R-IN). “There’s a difference between smart, targeted investments that have long-term positive results and the out-of-control spending Democrats want for their socialist agenda. It is especially regrettable that Speaker Pelosi insisted on tying infrastructure to the massive tax-and-spend bill that Democrats intend to ram through as soon as they pass the budget. This left-wing wish list will only raise taxes and hurt American families,’ stated Senator Young.

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