Sen Lindsey Graham Wants Barack Obama to Testify to His Committee Under Oath

Sen Lindsey Graham says that he wants Barack Obama to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Spygate scandal.

He wants to know what he knew and when he knew it. Expect Obama and the Democrats to fight to the death to keep him from answering embarrassing questions. It is absurd to imagine a control freak like Obama was not aware of the spying. One text fro Lisa Page claimed that the White House was leading the investigation and required weekly reports.

My guess is that Graham will not make a formal request until IG Michael Horowitz releases his final report. That will give him more ammunition.

From magadailyreport

What did he know about the plot to take down Trump and when did he know it – Lindsey wants to know.

Look, Lindsey has a point – there is no way Obama was not in the loop in some fashion and at some point – especially if they actually thought there was something to the Russia hoax.

If it was a political hit job, you better be sure the top knew about it. Likewise, if it was a real national security operation you can be sure the guys at the top knew.

Leaving Lindsey with little choice but to take the unprecedented step and call them to testify. Lindsey dropped this bombshell last night speaking to Sean Hannity.

From MSN:

“I can’t imagine an investigation of the Republican nominee for president — a counterintelligence investigation of his campaign — was not approved at the highest level,” Graham said Wednesday night. “I cannot imagine it happening without somebody in the White House knowing about it.”

The FBI’s probe into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government was dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” and officially launched on July 31, 2016, but there are questions about whether the investigation started earlier than that and whether the White House was involved.

When Hannity asked if that meant asking Obama questions under oath, Graham seemed open to the idea.

“Absolutely,” Graham replied.

Graham specifically named McCabe, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper as people he’d like to ask about whether they informed Obama about the investigation, what they told him, and why no one ever informed Trump about allegations of Russians attempting to infiltrate his campaign, with the senator pointing out that “the whole point of a counterintelligence investigation is to protect people.”

“And yes, I’d like to know what President Obama thought about the investigation,” Graham added.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Graham’s office about whether he officially planned on calling McCabe, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper to testify, and whether Obama might be asked any questions too, but no response has been provided.