School Punishes Students Due To Parents Actions

The kids of a pair of very outspoken mothers from Ohio were blocked from re-enrolling as students at a high-end prestigious private school after the pair of mothers made demands of the school for transparency in their kid’s alleged race-based curriculum.

The mothers in question, Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez, were issued hand-delivered letters from the school, Columbus Academy, back on June 11th. The letters told the ladies that their kids would be barred from attempting to re-enroll at the school and listed the reason being the mother’s activism and alleged breach of the parent-school contract. Gonzalez and Gross started up a coalition back in March in order to push back against what they called the school’s campaign of “intimidation and bullying” aimed at the students and parents that did not hold progressive views. They titled the new organization  the “Pro CA Coalition.”

The pair of mothers has previously appeared on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Fox & Friends, and various other national-level media platforms in order to bring to light what they think are very problematic parts of their kid’s education taking place at Columbus Academy. The school has made the claim, in order to back up their dismissal, that the pair of mothers took part in an “inflammatory” and “misleading” campaign against the school.

“You have engaged in a campaign against Columbus Academy through a sustained, and increasingly inflammatory, series of false and misleading attacks on the School and its leadership,” reads the re-enrollment denial letter. “Your actions caused pain, and even fear for physical safety, among students, families, faculty, and staff.”

The school cited a few examples in the letter of Gonzalez and Gross’s “misleading” statements including refusing to try and protect the school during a podcast interview. The pair made an appearance on the podcast “Blunt Force Truth.” The host of the podcast called out the leadership of the school as “bad people that want to do bad things to your children.”

Also stated in the denial letter, the school made the claim that it was entirely Gonzalez and Gross’s job to “push back” against the host’s statements. The school went on to claim that their appearances “misrepresent Columbus Academy’s curriculum, values, and actions.”

“The Head of School and Board of Trustees have determined that over the last several months your actions have unquestionably severely impaired the creation and maintenance of a constructive relationship between you and the School and seriously interfered with the School’s ability to accomplish its educational objectives,” stated the letter. “Accordingly, this letter is a formal notification that [your child] is dismissed from, and will not be a student at, Columbus Academy for the 2021-2022 school year.”

As stated by Gonzalez and Gross, the school board of Columbus Academy has denied any and all requests for increased transparency and accountability. The pair have also asked to host a town hall between the board and the school’s parents, to be moderated by a third party. The board denied the town hall idea as well.

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