School District In Missouri Pays INSANE price for CRT Audit

A public school district in Missouri has officially squandered $15,000 for the development of a curriculum inspired by Critical Race Theory, which is the thought process that pushes the idea that America is entirely irredeemably rooted in racism.

The school district in question, Francis Howell School District in St. Charles County, Missouri, hired one Dr. LaGarrett King back in the September of 2020 due to his “professional development and consultation services.” King is a known associate professor of social education hailing from the University of Missouri and is the current director of the university’s Carter Center for k-12 Black History Education.

As stated in the signed contract that has been acquired by a group of concerned parents, King has been paid over $15,000 for a battery of in-person and online consulting programs and curriculum developments. He was directly tasked with helping a group of high school teachers in the creation of an African American history course.

“Dr. King will provide training, professional development, curriculum audit, and support to our leadership team as we develop and design this course during the 2020-21 school year,” reads the obtained document.

The newly created African American history course will be set as an elective class to be offered to 10th-12th grade students every semester.

Other items listed as part of King’s new job description include the development of student and community surveys in order to get feedback for the development of the future courses, along with the conducting of a curriculum audit of all of the systems history courses. King must then host an “informational meeting” and an open Q&A meeting with parents in regards to his newly-created curriculum.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, in concordance with his contract, King conducted a seminar virtually for the teachers entitled “Black Historical Consciousness.” During the sessions concerning development, he stated that history education is “psychologically violent” towards black students.

“History is psychologically violent no matter how we try to make it palatable. The problem is that the psychological violence has been one-sided,” stated the hired professor.

King also proceeded to encourage the high school teachers to explain history through what he calls a “social justice lens,” without concern for the thoughts of the parents. he also went on to suggest that the district make edits to the verbiage of its current lessons so as to all them to “still get things accomplished in a critical fashion.”

“There’s no such thing as a neutral history,” stated King. “It is political and it is not objective.”

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