San Francisco’s “Mr. Clean” Arrested For Horrendous Actions

This past Wednesday, the former director of San Francisco’s public works, which is an organization that seeks to clean, maintain, and organize repairs throughout the city, was arrested for allegedly attempting to rob a man at knifepoint, as stated by San Francisco law enforcement officials.

Aged 58, Mohammed Nuru, who was also known as “Mr.Clean,” had been arrested after a man wildly wielding a knife was brought to police attention, stated the San Francisco Police Department in a release. “Officers met with the victim who told officers that he was approached by an adult male suspect who produced a knife and demanded the victim’s property. Fearing for his safety, the victim left and notified police,” stated officials within the department.

The arrest took place at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank which is centered in the Dogpatch neighborhood, reported ABC-7. Nuru, who has now been booked into the San Francisco County Jail, has been slated with a charge of attempted robbery.

The communications manager for the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, Keely Hopkins, stated to the local news that Nuru had been a volunteer at the bank for a while, and that an altercation occurred between him and another volunteer inside the banks break room. She stated that Nuru had gone up to the other man, who at the time was just eating potato chips, while he was wielding what she believed to be a large kitchen knife.

The man immediately called the authorities due to the fact that he felt very threatened. While the exact reason for the incident remains unclear, “sources” have reportedly stated to ABC-7 that Nuru was seeking to steal the bag of chips but then stated that he was just joking.

This incident is just the latest of Nuru’s run-ins with the San Francisco Police Department. Just this last year, Nuru had been charged with fraud in connection to a public corruption scandal. During the investigation, however, he was placed on a paid administrative leave and was kept on staff for another two whole weeks.

The Democratic Mayor of the city, London Breed, stated that Nuru could not be instantly fired because of a California law. This law stops employers from terminating the employment of someone just because they have been arrested, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“While I understand the desire for him to be fired immediately, it’s important that we follow all the laws required to terminate a public employee, no matter the circumstances. Before this process had been completed, he submitted his resignation,” she stated, the Chronicle reports. “I will continue to support the full independent investigation underway to uncover any improper actions that were taken and recommend reforms to ensure they never happen again.”

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