San Francisco Mayor Endorses Illegal No-Knock Raid on Journalist

The Democrats are constantly saying that President Donald Trump is a danger to the freedom of the press, despite the fact that he never spied on them or issued a no-knock raid in order to ascertain their sources, something Democrats have done quite frequently.

Barack Obama spied on Fox News reporter James Rosen and even tapped his parent’s phone and investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson had her home invaded secretly and her information stolen. And in San Francisco, the police conducted a no-knock raid on reporter freelance videographer Bryan Carmody to find out who his source for a story on Jeff Adachi’s death.

None of these reporters broke any laws. It appears all they did was report on stories that proved embarrassing to Obama and other Democrats. In the case of the raid on Bryan Carmody, the raid violated two California state laws and was supported by San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

It also violated The federal Privacy Protection Act of 1980, which forbids the seizure of a reporter’s work product. Two judges signed the search warrant but there is no proof that the police told the judges that the subject was a reporter.

From The Conservative Tribune

Vice News reported on the May 10 raid on the home of freelance videographer Bryan Carmody, who had recently received inside information from a secret source — believed to work at the police department — about the “salacious” details of a Jeff Adachi’s death. Adachi, it’s worth noting, had a history of butting heads with the police department.

Carmody was handcuffed and detained for several hours as officers conducted a thorough search of his home and seized his “cameras, cellphones, computers, tablets, [and] hard drives,” according to Vice — thousands of dollars of work-related equipment that the department had refused to return as of Wednesday.

The search warrants for the raid were reportedly signed by two judges, though it remains unclear if either of those judges knew they were signing a warrant that targeted a journalist.