Russia Vs Twitter

This past Monday, Officials of the Russian higher-ups said that they will keep slowing down Twitter until the end of next month. They also said that they will not entirely block Twitter because of the fact that the platform is removing content and posts that have been deemed harmful.

Twitter and the Russian government have had a feud going on for the past few months. This is because Russia has accused Twitter of not taking down pornographic, harmful, or illegal content.

Russia slowed down access to the social media platform back on March 10th. They alleged that it was trying to protect the Russian citizens because of the content that was not being removed.

The Daily Wire reported back then:

The telecommunications regulator for the country, Roskomnadzor, said in a statement that it would be limiting how fast the social media network loaded for users in the country, and The New York Times confirmed that images and videos did take longer than usual to load.

Roskomnadzor accused Twitter of keeping content on its site that encourages minors to commit suicide, includes child pornography, and also contains facts about using drugs. The regulator claimed that it has repeatedly petitioned Twitter to take down illegal content.

With the aim of protecting Russian citizens and forcing the internet service to follow the law on the territory of the Russian Federation, centralized reactive measures have been taken against Twitter starting March 10, 2021 — specifically, the initial throttling of the service’s speeds, in accordance with the regulations,’ the statement said.

If the internet service Twitter continues to ignore the demands of the law, measures against it will continue in accordance with the regulations, up to and including blocking it,’ it added.”

The Associated Press reported that Twitter responded to the allegations set out by the Russian government by drawing attention to its zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation, drug sales, and the promotion of suicide.

Roskomnadzor said, in a statement this past Monday, that it had made a decision not to block the social media platform, “taking into account the decision made by Twitter for the first time to change the principles and speed of its own moderation service in Russia, and the removal of a significant part of the prohibited content,” the AP reported.

The government regulator stated that Twitter has taken down around 1,900 of the 3,100 posts that have been pointed out to have information on suicide and drugs, and include child pornography. Roskomnadzor has stated that Twitter has also sped up the process of deleting content that has been banned. Currently, the platform removes the bad content with around 81 hours, but the laws of the Russian government demand that banned content be taken down in under 24 hours of the content being reported to the social media platform.

In an announcement, Roskomnadzor states that it plans to keep slowing down Twitter until May 15th, thus providing the platform with “additional time to remove all prohibited content … and bring its operations into full compliance” with Russian law, as reported by the AP.

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