Russia Managed To Out-do Itself By Fielding A Possible Weapon Of War Crimes

Recently, The Russian invasion force has sparked even more outrage with its deployment of a series of new TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems into Ukraine, which many experts have stated could be used to commit war crimes if used at all against any civilian targets.

“The TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is designed for providing fire support to infantry and tanks, defeating enemy manpower from open and closed firing positions in a variety of offensive and defensive combat, as well as disabling light armored vehicles and transport,” one fact sheet states about the new weapon platform. “Combined target destruction is achieved through effects of high temperature and overpressure.”

The fact sheet goes on to state that the system is armed with fully “unguided artillery rockets with thermobaric warheads.”

One CNN camera crew managed to see the weapons platform being deployed on Saturday evening close to the Ukrainian city of Belgorod. The group stated that there had not been any significant evidence as of yet as to the use of the thermobaric weapon being utilized in the invasion yet.

“Thermobaric missiles contain a highly explosive fuel and chemical mix and send out supersonic blast waves that can rip buildings and bodies apart,” read a report from The Telegraph. “Moscow has previously employed them in Chechnya and Syria.”

Russia has now deployed TOS-1 launchers to the outskirts of heavily populated areas,” claimed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in a tweet. “Thermobaric weapons against civilian targets have zero military purpose. It would be a war crime aimed at terrorizing & slaughtering people into submission.”

“Rather grim intelligence briefings today on fears that Russians frustrated by unexpected resistance will unleash thermobaric weapons and indiscriminate shelling on Kyiv in a bid to break through with horrific consequences for civilians,” wrote one correspondent for the Times of London, Catherine Philp, in a tweet. “This is grim news if you’ve followed Russia’s military conduct in Syria and its use of these weapons in place like Aleppo. These are not weapons to be used on civilian populated centers. We are looking at war crimes.”

“Thermobaric bombs are known as vacuum bombs,” exclaimed Philp. “They suck oxygen into the blast and can cause awful internal injuries, especially to the lungs. We have seen this before from Russia, especially in Aleppo, Syria.”

One Western intelligence office stated to Philp: “My fear, I think, is that if that continues to be a scene where they are delayed, Russia uses indiscriminate use of indirect fire, particularly artillery systems, thermobaric weapons, which we know, the Russia [sic] has both in its armory, and has used in previous conflicts. My fear would be that if they don’t meet the timescales and objectives that they would, they will be indiscriminate in the use of violence.”

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