Roger Stone: Calls for former CIA Director John Brennan to Be ‘Hung for Treason’

One thing you can say about Roger Stone is that he doesn’t beat around the bush. Newsweek is reporting that Roger Stone posted to Instagram that John Brennan committed treason in the Spygate scandal and that he should be hung.

Those posts have allegedly been removed from social media. Stone, who is facing charges from the Mueller witch hunt has requested that Mueller and Brennan provide proof that the Russians hacked into the DNC computers because if they can’t prove that, Stone could get a pass because the charges against him are predicated on that fact.

From Fox News

One post featured an image of Brennan with the caption: “This psycho must be charged, tried, convicted…and hung for treason,” according to a screenshot published by the outlet.

It was reportedly deleted an hour later. Robert Buschel, Stone’s attorney, did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News for comment.

Brennan, who served as former President Barack Obama’s CIA director, has been accused by Republicans–along with former FBI Director James Comey—of relying too heavily on the much reported dossier, compiled by British intelligence official Christopher Steele, to launch the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump campaign and its suspected ties to Russia.

Brennan has denied that the dossier played a role in the intelligence community’s surveillance program.

Stone, who briefly worked for Trump’s presidential campaign, has been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with witness tampering, obstruction and making false statements. He entered a plea of not guilty.