Road Rage Shooting Leads To Injured Toddler

An incident that authorities are calling a “road rage” shooting on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, has put a 21-month-old boy in critical condition just steps away from the city’s major tourist landmarks.

The small child was gravely shot while riding in a vehicle around Grant Park, near the city’s lakefront.

“The shooting happened just after 11 a.m. following a road rage incident near East Waldron and Lake Shore Drive, authorities said. Shots were fired for at least two blocks before the vehicle carrying the child crashed near Monroe,” NBC’s Chicago Affiliate reported. “Police said a person of interest is currently being questioned in the shooting but did not release further information about a suspect, suspects or any vehicles that may have been involved.”

A good samaritan stayed to help the family that was trapped in the vehicle and was able to transport both parents and the injured child to Northwestern Hospital nearby. From there the child was again transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital for more tailored care. This past Tuesday, doctors described the boy’s states as “grave.” He is reported to have a brain injury and remains classified as in critical condition.

“He’s undergoing a number of treatments and we’re managing his illness right now, so it’s really hard to predict right now what will happen,” associate chief medical officer with Lurie Children’s Hospital, Dr. Marcelo Malakooti, said in a statement to Chicago’s ABC news station. “Any time we have brain injury, it’s very hard to predict exactly what the course will be, but it’s a very tenuous situation. It can change hourly for us, but luckily he’s in a location where we can respond to any other emergencies if we have to.”

This young child is only the latest in a string of Chicago children wounded or killed in a rising spike in gun violence throughout the city.

This past summer, during a horrid wave of gun violence that crippled the city’s south and west ends, six young children ten years old and younger were killed according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Three were killed riding in a car with parents, executed by enemies gunning for the car owners,” the news outlet reported previously. “Two were killed playing not far from the front doors of their homes. One was inside her home. She was watching television when gang member bullets found her.” By the end of that summer, a total of 38 juveniles had been killed or severely wounded.

Chicago police believe that Tuesday’s act of violence appears to be random.

“There was a dispute possibly over not letting somebody into a lane of traffic,” Police officials said in a statement to local media.

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