RINO Attempts Sneaky Pass For Amnesty Using Homeland Security

President Trump has to veto the current bill for DHS funding and the Republicans need to remove RINO Kevin Yoder as committee chairman and never let him chair another committee.

He has approved amnesty for 1 million DACA recipients and it also forbids the government from spending money to send Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients home. In other words, they can stay forever. And what did conservatives get in return? Not a damn thing.  To make it more aggravating, the measure passed the Republican-controlled DHS committee and now it goes to the floor for a full vote.

From Breitbart News

Dan Cadman, a fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, says the Aguilar amendments approved by Yoder and the House Republicans are a “stealth amnesty” for DACA illegal aliens and the thousands of TPS foreign nationals.

Cadman writes:

Having gotten his way on the prohibition against deporting DACA veterans, which was probably a great surprise to him, Aguilar then introduced a more broad-based amendment. This one prohibits the expenditure of funds to detain or deport any DACA or even Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program recipients. (Note the rapidly expanding pool of illegal alien beneficiaries of Aguilar’s amendments.) This is a stealth amnesty for both populations of aliens that would number into the hundreds of thousands, possibly over a million. [Emphasis added]

A number of the TPS programs have been terminated by the Trump administration with forward-projected end dates, as was DACA, whose recipients are for the moment protected by an injunction at the lower court level. However, the administration has appealed the district court decision and it is a reasonable expectation that it will ultimately prevail at the Supreme Court. If so, then it seems likely that the outcome of Aguilar’s second amendment would be to burden the United States with a permanent underclass of aliens who have no lawful status as theirs expires, but who cannot be removed since DHS would be prohibited from spending funds to do so. If Congress wishes to bestow benefits on these individuals, then the appropriate mechanism is to do so via amnesty, which to date it has declined to do. It is incredible that the House Appropriations Committee would permit such an amendment to pass on a voice vote. [Emphasis added]

Our best hope for next year is that Jim Jordan wins the Speakership and follows the example of Newt Gingrich. Under Newt, you didn’t get a chairmanship by seniority. He took all the old bulls out of leadership and replaced them with young guns. That’s what we need to do again. If Republicans pass Yoder’s budget, there will be a blue wave in November.