Ricky Gervais Takes The Stage With Another Tirade

Ricky Gervais, a popular comedian who went off last year on limousine liberals at an awards show in Hollywood, has now taken a negative stance against the Chinese.

In his tirade, Gervais made mention of a report that China is currently allowing the annual Dog Meat Festival to take place inside the city of Yulin.

“The festival, which started on Monday, is being held in full swing and in stark contrast to the newly-chalked government laws,” reported news source The Mirror. “Last year, the government drew up new laws prohibiting the wildlife trade to protect pets. During the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) had also warned that the dog trade spreads rabies and increases the risk of cholera. The people of Yulin, however, seem to have turned a deaf ear to all advice as they continue to devour dog meat sold on the streets.”

This news completely infuriated Gervais, who proceeded to go on a profanity-laden rant all about the festival.

“I cannot believe the #YulinDogMeatFestival is still happening. Dirty f***ing psychopathic c***s,” the comedian tweeted out.

“And to everyone saying ‘eating dogs is no worse than eating cows’ I agree, except that these sadistic scumbags torture the dogs first, cut their legs off, skin & boil them alive for fun,” continued Gervais.

He went on later to state: “Me: Stop torturing dogs. Twitter: What about cows? Me: Yes. Stop torturing cows too, but this tweet was about dogs. T: Why do you only care about dogs and cows? Me: What? No, I hate hurting, torturing or eating ALL animals… T: Why don’t you care about dying children?”

Almost immediately after the virus that causes COVID-19, the SARS-C-oV-2 Virus, emerged, both the World Health Organization and China itself were quick to throw the blame on “wet markets,” which sell exotic animal meats of all kinds. In recent weeks, however, a larger and larger group of people are musing about whether the virus broke out from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Then, under former President Donald Trump, former CIA director and secretary of state stated that the institute is operating.

“That virology lab is still up and running. It’s still probably conducting the same kinds of research it was conducting that may have well led to this virus escaping from that laboratory” stated Mike Pompeo in an interview on Fox News.

Pompeo went on to state that there is “enormous evidence” that the virus itself came out of the lab.

“What I can say for sure is this: we know that they were engaged in efforts connected to the People’s Liberation Army inside of that laboratory, so military activity being performed alongside what they claimed was just good old civilian research,” Pompeo stated. “They refuse to tell us what it was, they refuse to describe the nature of either of those, they refused to allow access to the World Health Organization when it tried to get in there.”

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