Rick Scott Sues Palm Beach and Broward County – No Votes After Noon Last Saturday

Both Broward and Palm Beach counties were told their deadline for manufacturing fake votes would be at noon , last Saturday, but they went over the time because they had to wait until the fresh ink was dry on the last of the ballots their operatives had filled in that morning. (I’m only half kidding) Now, Rick Scott has sued both counties to adhere to the court limit of noon Saturday.

Broward county set a new national record by manufacturing 83,000 votes in just 48 hours. Ballots in Broward county have been moved around a lot, which is against Florida election law. Republicans weren’t allowed to see the election workers as they were counting, also against election law and yesterday, a box labeled SOE (Superviser of Elections) and provisional ballots were found in a car rented by Gillum donor, Noah Holliman.

From The Gateway Pundit

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Broward County and Palm Beach County on Sunday as he ramps up his legal fight going into the recount.

Governor Scott also took legal action to bar the Broward County canvassing board from counting ballots produced after the Saturday noon deadline previously ordered by a judge.

The Hill reported:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Palm Beach and Broward County courts on Sunday, ramping up legal efforts as recounts began in the state’s contested Senate race.

The motions request that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and county sheriffs impound and secure all voting machines, ballots and tabulating devices when they are not in use.

Scott’s campaign also filed a complaint in Broward court asking a judge to bar the county canvassing board from including ballots counted after a noon Saturday deadline in the final vote tally.

“The Broward and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections has already demonstrated a blatant disregard for Florida’s elections laws, making it more important than ever that we continue to do everything possible to prevent fraud and ensure this recount is operated responsibly,” Chris Hartline, a spokesman for Scott’s campaign, said in a statement.

“Senator-Elect Rick Scott will continue to fight to protect the will of Florida voters.”