Rev Graham Pushes Cardinal Dolan to Excommunicate Andrew Cuomo Over Abortion Bill

Rev Franklin Graham has requested that Cardinal Dolan excommunicate Gov Andrew Cuomo of New York for his support of the radical abortion bill.

Tennesee Bishop Rick Stika of Knoxville who said that if it were up to him, he would excommunicate Cuomo. Many alleged Catholics support abortion on demand, regardless of the length of the pregnancy, some right up to the time of birth. Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger said the New York law on abortion would not ever be done on a dog because it’s torture.

But Democrats are more than willing to have this procedure performed on a baby.

From Breitbart News

“The Catholic Church is discussing as to whether @NYGovCuomo should be excommunicated from the church for signing the state’s new abortion bill. This law allows for the murder of unborn children up until the day of their birth,” Rev. Graham tweetedTuesday in response to the article.

“I call on my friend @CardinalDolan to take a moral stand,” Graham wrote. “Whether it moves the governor’s calloused heart or not, it will have a great impact on not only the church in New York, but on the church worldwide. It’s about standing for right over wrong, good over evil.”

In a third Tweet, Graham quoted Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger concerning New York’s new abortion law, noting that “the kind of procedures that now are possible in New York state, we wouldn’t even do to a dog or a cat… It’s torture.”

Catholic canon lawyers have made the case that the matter is serious enough that ecclesiastical authorities have the grounds to excommunicate the governor.

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