Retired French Cop Commits Suicide After Admitting Horrifying Secret

Back in the 80s and 90s, a serial killer and rapist had Paris, France gripped with fear. This past week, he was finally identified as a well-known retired French police officer.

The horrid killer, now identified as François Vérove, aged 59, had been on the radar of the police for quite some time and was scheduled to give his DNA to police officials. He was scheduled to come in and provide this DNA back on the 24th of September, but failed to show up and was later discovered on the 29th of September to have committed suicide by overdosing on pills, as reported by The Daily Beast. As stated in his suicide note, Vérove reportedly gave a confession to being the feared serial killer known to the public as “Grele” who received the name due to his pockmarked face. The Beast described the horrid killings:

He was responsible for a string of rapes and killings in Paris in the 1980s and 1990s, including the murders of 11-year-old Cécile Bloch, and 38-year-old Gilles Politi and his 21-year-old au pair Irmgard Mueller, both of whom were savagely tortured.

The murder of a 19-year-old woman named Karine Leroy has also been attributed to “The Pockmarked Killer.”

The serial killer terrorized Paris for years, and was also accused in six different rapes. The crimes were shockingly brutal. Block [sic] was snatched up as she left her apartment building for school in May 1986. She was later found dead in a basement of the building, half naked and covered by an old carpet. She had been raped, strangled, and stabbed in the chest.

Luc Richard, Block’s half-brother, stated to a French news source back in 2015 that his sister’s killer was “very polite.”

“He seemed very sure of himself. He spoke to me in a very bold, very polite way, too. He said something to me like, ‘Have a very, very good day,’” stated Richard.

Bloch’s parents passed away without ever finding out who it was that killed their young daughter. Richard stated that he has been entirely traumatized by the case.

“I manage to live, but I have a great feeling of injustice, irreparable.”

Ten years in the wake of Bloch’s murder, a suite of genetic testing showed that her killed had also been the one to rape numerous others, including an 11-year-old girl.

Along with the pockmarked skin, a few of Vérove’s rape victims stated that their attacker had identified himself as a policeman. Many investigators thought at the beginning that the attacked may be lying as a way to get his victims to do what he wanted without fighting. Victims also stated that their attacker used various police terminology, handcuffs, and various other police or military restraint techniques. The Beast reported that the investigators found evidence that the serial killer was a member of the police and normally drove a white car.

The Beast went on to report that  Vérove wrote in his suicide note that he was “not well in life” when he committed the atrocities. Another news outlet, The Guardian, went on to report that the DNA taken from the man proved he was, in fact, the serial killer he claimed to be in his suicide note, calling the discovery “one of the biggest cold-case reviews in the history of the Paris police.”

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