Retired FBI Agent Battles for McCabe Texts Related to Hillary’s Server

Retired FBI supervisory special agent Jeffrey Danik has spent the last two years battling the FBI and the DOJ to get texts and other communications about the investigation into Hillary’s server.

Judicial Watch has now joined him for the coming court battle over those communications. The FBI and the FBI Deep State have managed to keep those records out of Danik’s reach by declaring deliberative power and not searching properly so that you get no results in a search. While McCabe was investigating Clinton, former Clinton bagman, Terry McAuliffe arranged for nearly half a million dollars for Dr. Jill McCabes campaign for Congress.

Danik wants to see if there is a connection.

Sara Carter reported:

Danik’s FOIA lawsuit is focused specifically on McCabe’s text messages and emails. The search terms are related to all of McCabe’s connections with Hillary Clinton and person’s known to have associated with both him and family members connected to the Clintons.

The FBI, however, did not search for McCabe’s text messages and failed to search for 15 of the 24 search terms, according to the motion.

“In addition, it is withholding certain information under the deliberative process privilege. In each instance,” Danik’s motion states. “Defendant fails to satisfy its burdens. Its motion should be denied.”

Danik is seeking information on McCabe’s failure to recuse himself from the case in a timely manner, as well as, any information regarding McCabe’s “actions to further involve himself in the investigation,” according to Judicial Watch.

“More than two years later, Defendant still has not conducted an adequate search for all records responsive to Plaintiff’s Freedom ofInformation Act requests,” the motion states. “Nor has it produced all non-exempt, responsive records.”