Restaurant Joaquin Castro Doxed Has Lines Backed Up For Blocks

Joaquin Castro doxed a restaurant owned by one of Trump’s donors. Castro thought it would lead to a boycott of the restaurant but he forgot one little thing. Republicans have jobs and can afford to go to nice restaurants.

And the other thing he forgot is that Republicans vote with their wallets and yesterday, there was a line running for blocks to get into Bill Miller’s BBQ. It looks like the boycott was a failure.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro published a hit list of names and professions of EVERY MAJOR TRUMP DONOR in his city of San Antonio earlier this week.

This came two days after two deadly mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso!

But Castro’s disgusting political hit list has resulted in unintended consequences.

Business at Bill Miller’s BBQ is exploding!

The lines to Bill Miller’s BBQ in San Antonio are now winding around the block!

Cars lined up around the block.


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