Resounding Silence From BLM In The Wake Of Horrible Incident

This past weekend, a young nine-year-old boy was discovered dead by his mother still in bed after he was apparently struck by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting that took place in Albany, Georgia.

As of reporting, the shooter still remains on the run despite efforts from officials begging all witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

“Nigel Brown, 9, was found in his bed unresponsive by his mother after a car drove by and opened fire on his home. Nigel was pronounced dead at the scene. There were several others inside the house at the time of the shooting as well,” stated a post from the Albany Police Department.

The young boy had reportedly been struck in the head while he was sleeping in his bed at home.

“The Albany Police Department is saddened by the tragic loss this city experienced last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. If anyone has information, can call Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS to remain anonymous or the Albany Police Department at 229-431-2100 to speak directly with an investigator,” stated the department.

As part of a press conference held this past Monday, Michael Persley, the Albany Police Chief, stated that the killing was “senseless” and begged everyone in the community for any information regarding the killer. Greg Edwards, the Dougherty County District Attorney, spoke up about “gun violence.”

“This is a senseless killing,” stated the Police Chief as he called the still unknown shooted a “coward.”

Persley called this latest shooting a “community problem,” and went on to ask for any and all witnesses to come out with their information so as to allow an arrest to be made.

“What are you going to do to save this community,” asked Persley. “I really need the community to help bring justice to the family of Nigel Brown.”

“Edwards said his office is working to make gun violence the priority in the Dougherty County criminal justice system,” reported the WALB 10 News. “The district attorney said punishment recommendations for gun violence will be ‘as severe as possible.'”

The victim’s mother, Yolander Brown, gave her statement concerning the horrific tragedy.

“That bullet did not have my son’s name on it,” she stated to the press. “That was my firstborn. I remember the day me and his father laid on the altar and prayed to God and asked God to allow us to get pregnant. Three months later, we got pregnant with him. If I knew at that time, nine years later, he would be taken away, I may, wouldn’t have prayed that prayer.”

“His baby sister was laying in the bed under him,” brown stated of the night she discovered her son dead. “My baby has not been (able to) sleep in the last couple of days, and I can’t imagine how she’s feeling because I know how I feel. That was her best friend, that was her brother. They did everything together.”

“I’ll forgive you before I know who you are,” stated the mother of Nigel’s killer. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know the reason why you done it. Turn yourself in. Give me peace of mind to know that you are off the streets.”

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