Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Catches Flak Online Over ‘Forced Pregnancy’ Tweet

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  (D-NY) is dealing with extreme criticism on the web due to a recent tweet sent out about “forced” pregnancies in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court issuing a ruling that overturned the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision last week.

The tweet in question from AOC came as she spouted, with not a single shred of evidence, during an interview on “Meet the Press” from NBC News speaking with Chuck Todd on Sunday, that quite a few of the SCOTUS justices who chose to vote for the overturning of Roe v. Wade “lied” and claimed that they should now be impeached and removed from the bench.

“Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity,” exclaimed AOC in her tweet.

There was quite a few notable responses to this tweet from AOC which included:

  • Joe Pagliarulo, a radio host: “Does she think rape is legal? It’s a violent crime and I think rapists should be executed. Did she think the tweet would somehow divide us?”
  • The Quartering, a Youtuber: “These people act like a bolt of sperm is sent down from above that impregnates innocent women just walking down the street.”
  • Kurt Schlichter, an attorney: “Oh shut up you nitwit.”
  • Sebastian Gorka, a radio host: “AOC’s never heard of contraception. Not surprising since she’s never seen a waste disposal. And was surprised that vegetables grow in the ground. … Right. But killing 800,000 babies a year – disproportionately black babies – isn’t, right [cupcake emoji]?”
  • David Harsanyi, from the The Federalist: “This is some truly Orwellian s**t.”
  • Ed Whelan, a Distinguished Senior Fellow and Antonin Scalia Chair in Constitutional Studies: “Someone is very confused by her own deceptive euphemisms. The pro-life position opposes ‘forced pregnancy.’ No one wants to force anyone to get pregnant.”
  • Stephen L. Miller, a known political commentator: “Would love her definition of the word humanity.”
  • Seth Dillon, with the The Babylon Bee: “AOC stands atop a mountain of millions of dead babies to say it’d be a crime against humanity to stop adding to the pile.”
  • Mickey White, a political commentator: “I feel like we need to revisit our Health and Sex Ed curriculum. People don’t seem to understand where Babies come from anymore.”
  • Jennifer Van Laar, from Red State: “Use birth control. Only have sex with people you’re prepared to have a child with. Yes, there are birth control failures and terrible things like rape. Those are the exceptions.”
  • Nick Searcy, an actor: “Show me a forced pregnancy that doesn’t involve rape or incest, for which exceptions are already made, liar.”
  • Brittany Hughes, with MRC TV: “Forced pregnancy is when you rape someone until they become pregnant. And it’s illegal. Carrying a child you conceived through your own choices is called responsibility.”
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