Remaining Fox Reporter From Russian Attack Finally Escapes

Benjamin Hall, a war correspondent with Fox News, is officially “safe and out of Ukraine” in the wake of an attack that left him injured on Monday when the vehicle he was riding in became under assault from the Russian occupation forces.

After doing a segment reporting just outside of Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, the attack sent hall to a local hospital and was originally listed as in serious condition. Two of his other colleagues who were with him in the vehicle, a local producer Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova (24) AND cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski (55), were both killed as a result of the Russian attack.

In a statement released in the early morning on Wednesday, FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott issued an update on the condition Hall was in. The statement from the CEO stated:

Good Morning,

We have an update on our colleague Benjamin Hall who was seriously injured while reporting outside of Kyiv on Monday. He is now safe and out of Ukraine.

Ben is alert and in good spirits. He is being treated with the best possible care in the world and we are in close contact with his wife and family.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Anchors Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer officially announced the news live on air as part of the Wednesday broadcast of “America’s Newsroom”:

Hemmer: Another alert right now, and this is some news we’ve been waiting on. An update on our colleague, Ben Hall. He is now safe and out of Ukraine. Ben is alert and said to be in good spirits. He is being treated with the best possible care in the world. We remind you, please continue to keep him in your prayers as well as Sasha and Pierre, the news from yesterday. 

MacCallum: Good news, and we are all thinking of Ben and his family. And our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them. We hope for more good news to come in the days ahead. 

Hemmer: His wife, they’ve been married seven years coming up this summer. His three young daughters back at home. Been a couple of heavy days around here, so that is a dose of good news for Ben.

Hall’s colleagues from Fox News have spent the time since flooding social media with photos of him alongside requests for prayer has he spends his time recovering from the attack.

Greg Gutfeld, a host for Fox News, allowed for a time in their broadcast of “The Five” to speak of Hall, speaking of a recent argument between the two that took place on air just a week ago.

“I won’t say what we talked about because frankly it is nobody’s business but he did say something that I agreed with 100%. And he said, Greg, ‘you can’t do my job, and I can’t do yours.’ And I said, ‘duh, my job is way easier,'” stated Gutfeld, going on to add, “I do get death threats but they are usually from Dana, on pink stationery.”

“But we can afford to pontificate because we are thousands of miles away. They can’t afford to pontificate at all because they are always in danger,” stated Gutfeld. “As Geraldo said, war is the worst thing you can imagine. That is what we do here. We imagine. But what Ben and his coworkers do, they don’t imagine it, they actually see it.”


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