Recent Poll Shows Most Americans Want Neither Biden Or Trump For 2024

A recent poll unveiled the fact that a strong majority of the American public seems to want a fresh face sitting in the Oval Office, and not just a rehash of former President Trump or Old Uncle Joe.

Biden will end up being just a couple of weeks shy of 82 years old by the time of the 2024 elections in November, and Trump will be 78 years old at the same time.

A Yahoo/YouGov poll carried out on the 10th of June discovered that a massive 64% of respondents thought that Biden should not even try to make a run for reelection in 2024; only 21% seemed to think he should even attempt a run at all while 15% stated they currently could not decide on a camp to sit in.

Seemingly across the board, it did not matter at all who the poll tried to survey; all of the groups ended up with just about the same percentage spread with respondents seeming to agree that Biden should not try a 2024 run. 66% of women, 62% of men, 65% of those ages 18-29, 60% of those ages 30-44, and 65% of those age 45 and older seemed to agree. 66% of whites and 65% of Hispanics also seemed to agree with the majority on the fact that Biden should not run. The only group that seemed to be not outright hostile to a 2024 Biden seemed to be African American respondents, in which only 49% seemed to think that he should not run.

In a very telling statistic, a staggering 76% of independents did not want to see Biden try for another run for 2024. Also, 40% of people who cast their votes for Biden back in 2020 do not want to see him in the office again.

The results in the case of Trump were not better at all.

The poll discovered that 55% of respondents stated that Trump should not try for a 2024 reelection; 31% thought he should try again while 14% were not able to make choice either way.

In the same vein, across the board it did not seem to matter who the survey tried to ask; all of the groups ended up giving roughly the percentage levels in regards to agreeing that Trump should not try to run again. 58% of women, 52% of men, 58% of those ages 18-29, 46% of those ages 30-44, and 55% of those age 45 and older agreed. 50% of whites and 58% of Hispanics also stated that Trump should steer clear of running again. As expected, the only group that was extremely hostile towards Trump were the African American respondents, among which a staggering 75% thought he should stay out.

57% of the independents seemed to think Trump should stay out of the 2024 elections, with a sizable 29% of Republicans seeming to agree with the independents about the questions.


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