Rand Paul Wants to Offer Julian Assange Immunity in Exchange for Testimony

Who wants to bet right now, that Democrats will refuse amnesty to Assange? The last thing in the world they want is proof of where the hacked emails came from. Assange has said many times that it did not come from the Russians and he has hinted that the information came from Seth Rich. That would open a whole case of worms, Democrats do not want.

Of course, if the hacking wasn’t done by Russia, their whole collusion story falls apart. Not to mention Omarosa’s book that says Trump knew about the Russian hack before Wikileaks released the emails. Also, if it was Seth Rich and Assange can prove it, which should be easy enough if he did, that would mean that its likely someone connected to the DNC or the Clinton campaign or both may have had a hand in it.

From The Gateway Pundit

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Senator Paul asserted that Assange likely has important information about the hack and that it’s unlikely he would agree to testify without immunity.

“I think that he should be given immunity from prosecution in exchange for coming to the United States and testifying,” Senator Paul told the Gateway Pundit. “I think he’s been someone who has released a lot of information, and you can debate whether or not any of that has caused harm, but I think really he has information that is probably pertinent to the hacking of the Democratic emails that would be nice to hear.”

Democratic Senator Mark Warner sent Assange a letter, asking him to testify with no word on immunity. That’s because he knows he won’t come without it and this way the Democrats will say Assange refuses to testify.

“BREAKING: US Senate Intelligence Committee calls editor @JulianAssange to testify. Letter delivered via US embassy in London. WikiLeaks’ legal team say they are “considering the offer but testimony must conform to a high ethical standard”. Also: ”

Let’s see what happens.

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