Raid on Body Donation Center Reveals Horrors Including a Bucket of Male Genitalia

Police in Arizona raided a body donation company and they found a head sewed on to a mismatched body and a cooler filled with male genitalia in it.

The body donation companies remove the body parts they want to use and the rest they are to cremate and return the ashes to their families. Now, there is a lawsuit against   Biological Resource Center, filed by 33 plaintiffs who claim the company did not treat their family members with respect as promised.

BRC is now out of business. Arizona does not have any laws against trafficking in body parts.

From AZ Central

A head sewn onto a mismatched body, a bucket of limbs and a cooler filled with penises are among items found by FBI agents during a raid on a Phoenix body-donation business.

The now-shuttered, for-profit Biological Resource Center specialized in accepting the bodies of people after they had died, and in exchange offering their families free pickup of the bodies plus the cremated remains of the body parts the company did not sell.

An FBI special agent, during a January 2014 raid of the Biological Resource Center, stumbled on what he described as “various unsettling scenes.” The agent’s grisly eyewitness account of the raid was recently revealed in a civil lawsuit against the business and its owner, Stephen Gore. The case is set for trial Oct. 21 in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Thirty-three plaintiffs have sued the Biological Resource Center, saying the remains of their family members were obtained through “false statements,” that body parts were being sold for profit to various middlemen, and that they were not stored, treated or disposed of with dignity or respect. 

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