Radical Travels to Canada Where He Proclaims He Will Kill Christian Asia Bibi

Once you welcome any and all immigrants, it is almost certain you will get this happening in your country. A radical Muslim has just entered Canada who says he has come there to murder Asia Bibi a Pakistani dissident and Christian.

Bibi was a farm worker in Pakistan, where she was placed in prison for alleged blasphemy against the prophet. Bibi is the mother of five. She finally received permission to leave the country last week and she made her way to Canada and within a week a radical Muslim is already threatening to kill her.

From The Gateway Pundit

A radical Muslim released a video a frightening video online that he has traveled to Canada to murder Christian dissident Asia Bibi.

Asia Bibi, a poor farm laborer and Christian mother of five, was released in October 2018 from prison in Pakistan after being jailed on blasphemy charges. Bibi was convicted on blasphemy charges in 2009 after a quarrel with a fellow farmworker who accused her of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Bibi was not allowed to leave Pakistan until her trial was over. She finally fled to Canada this week.

And already at least one radical Muslim has traveled to Canada to murder Asia Bibi.

He posted a chilling video online this week.

In the video the man sings an Islamic chant honouring Muhammed and professes that he a beloved believer of Islam will slay the blasphemer Asia Bibi.