Putin So Unhinged He’s Threatening His Own People

This past Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently issued a threat against his own citizens as part of lengthy remarks that he issued about the current invasion of Ukraine.

In these remarks, Putin put out many extremely false claims, including making the claim that Ukraine was under a neo-Nazi regime, that there was an entire genocidal campaign targeting the ethnically Russian in Donbas, and that there were various bioweapons labs in Ukraine that were being funded by the Pentagon.

“Putin appealed to ordinary Westerners in claiming that their countries have ignored ongoing genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas region, without provid[ing] evidence of such atrocities,” stated U.S. News & World Report in a release. “And, seemingly acknowledging new political fronts he faces at home, he put forward troubling language about the need for ‘cleansing of the nation’ against those who do not support the Kremlin’s policies.”

These comments from Putin follow in the wake of reports of increasing opposition amongst his people towards the war he instigated in Ukraine, which has caused a series of extreme sanctions to be slammed against Russia.

As stated by Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges this past week, he thinks that Russian military forces are just a scant few days away from not being able to continue their push into Ukraine or to continue the war at all.

“The Russians went after his [Fmr. Amb. to NATO Kurt Volker’s] training center in Yavoriv, outside the city of Lviv, partly to demonstrate that they could reach the lines of communication that bring supplies and support from Poland into Ukraine,” he claimed. “But also I think to maybe go after the logistics buildup that’s happening there. I don’t think we should overreact to this.”

“The Russians, I think, are about ten days away from what is called the culminating point, when they just no longer have the ammunition nor the manpower to keep up their assault,” he stated. “I think we keep pouring it on, and the Russians culminate.”

These comments from Hodges come after Russian invasion forces have managed to slam headlong into much sturdier resistance from the Ukrainianian defense forces. Both sides of this war have dealt with many thousands of casualties so far, and a large number of cities have taken extreme damage.

As reported by the Daily Wire, many have warned that this war could end up escalating, including a retired Navy captain and former intelligence officer who put out a warning as part of an interview with Fox that the was in Europe could cascade into a much larger war if Russia utilized a false flag operation.

“I think there is still risk of more expansionism,” stated Steven Horrell to the news network. “There’s a risk of something sparking an escalation, some sort of incident on the high seas, or in international airspace, or a fabricated incident for some sort of cross-border thing that could lead to further escalation.”

“I think Russia has for some time held the opinion that the West, the U.S. [and] NATO, have a very low tolerance for cost and for pain,” stated Horrell. “And, conversely, that Russia has a much higher cost acceptance.”

He went on to state that Russia has a known strategy of “escalate to deescalate,” which could mean that the war is about to get much, much worse as Russia attempts to force leverage to create a better outcome.

“A ship in the Black Sea with a Kalibr land-attack cruise missile could reach Berlin,” Horrell stated to Fox News. “If they viewed one of the European capitals as being a weakness in NATO, they could do that sort of escalation, non-nuclear, but they could strike outside the immediate theater of conflict and start hitting NATO targets.”

He went on to say that Russia miscalculated its power to take over Ukraine due to “the decision-makers in the Kremlin truly believed some of their own press reports and expected a quick and hasty victory,” Horrell stated. “There are no indications of more forces reinforcing the current force commitment from Russia to Ukraine. Frankly, I don’t know how many more cards in that regard there are to play.”

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