Psaki Attempts To Weasel Around Questions About Russian Oil Purchases

Jacqui Heinrich, a Fox News White House correspondent, issued a challenge to press secretary Jen Psaki directly as part of a press briefing on Thursday, pressing Psaki about whether or not the United States was basically “financing the war” that Russia has been carrying out against Ukraine.

Heinrich seemed to suggest that as long as the sanctions being imposed by the U.S. government did not speak to the energy sector and the United States still went on to purchase oil and gas products from Russia, Americans would always be indirectly paying for the war being pushed by Russian President Vladimir Putin every time they used a petroleum product.


“As long as we’re buying Russian oil, though, aren’t we financing the war?” questioned Heinrich.

“Well, Jacqui, again, it’s only about 10% of what we’re importing. I’ve not made any announcement about any decision on that front,” answered Psaki.

Heinrich also went on to ask about the strategy being implemented by Old Uncle Joe to try and fix the inflation issues, most importantly his contention that manufacturers should just ramp up production inside the United States in efforts to drive down prices, and then interrogated Psaki on why the administration would seemingly fail to use the same logic to energy production.

“On gas, you just said less supply raises prices, it’s not in our strategic interest to reduce the supply, we also know the president as recently as yesterday talked about increasing domestic manufacturing to bring down prices on inflated items like goods, so why not apply the same logic to energy and increase domestic production here?” posed Heinrich.


“Well, there are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil companies are not tapping into currently, so I would ask them that question,” claimed Psaki.

Heinrich continued the hard press, questioning whether going forward with the Keystone XL Pipeline and incorporating far more energy-friendly policies could end up having a stronger impact on the still spiking oil prices.

“The Keystone pipeline has never been operational. It would take years for that to have any impact,” objected Psaki.

“During those years where it would take to bring down prices as you’re saying, we should just continue to buy Russian oil?” Heinrich questioned once again.

Psaki just stuck to touting the efforts that the administration had already taken, such as issuing a release from the strategic petroleum reserves which ended up amounting to only a few days worth of American oil consumption.

“Well, Jacqui, I think you’re familiar with a number of steps we’ve taken. A historic release from the strategic petroleum reserve,” stated the press secretary.

“But that didn’t bring down prices, last time or this time,” clapped back Heinrich.

“Well, let me finish, what we can do over time is — and what this all a reminder of in the president’s view, is our need to reduce our reliance on oil,” claimed Psaki, putting forth no indications at all that the White House was working on a plan to try and help with the extreme pain of soaring gas prices and instead swapped over to stating that the only real solution for the issue was for the United States and Europe to go hard into green energy in order to stop this kind of event from happening in the future.

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