Protesters Call Government To Action As ‘Freedom Convoy’ Continues To Grow

The “Freedom Convoy” trucker blockade protest along the U.S.-Canada border continues to expand which has caused local governments to reportedly start talking out a response to the organizers who are requesting officials to rescind the COVID-19 mandates across Alberta.

As reported on Tuesday by Kian Simone, a reporter for Rebel News, protesters and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were embroiled in multiple hours of intense negotiations as police tried to get protestors to open up the border crossing located in the village of Coutts. Police officials permitted the truckers to bring in supplies to the protest area, all without being forced to open up a lane of traffic. Chad Williamson, a crowdfunded lawyer that was given to the trucker group, was also allowed into the protest area.

Police officials went to the truckers to issue one final warning: leave or be taken into custody. RCMP then abruptly cut all negotiations and moved in to start arresting the truckers, but as they did so more and more truckers moved in to fill the gaps left behind by the RCMP moving away from its checkpoint. This led truckers to move towards the rear of the expansive blockage, at which a short standoff sparked. In the end, police officials pulled back and even more truckers showed up to join the protest, filling the gaps left by the retreating police.

Later on in the evening on Tuesday, Williamson told Simone that police had backed off and that he was seeking to pull the RCMP back to the table for negotiations.

“The biggest problem, I think that they face now is, how the heck are they gonna remove these hundreds of rigs and pieces of…farm equipment, passenger vehicles,” claimed Williamson. “This is a problem that seems to be spreading as well across the country, with other blockades at other locations. And while the RCMP have shut down negotiations, at least with my team, we think it would be incumbent upon them to come back to the negotiating table, as I think that this isn’t going to wrap up as quickly as people may have expected.”

Simone also issued a statement that reported that various other truckers had moved out from the main site to block other entires to the protest site as reports that the RCMP had mobilized units in town washed over the group.

The truckers released comments trying to condemn all rumored reports of violence and vigilantism. They also then reaffirmed that the entire intent of the protest was to garner the attention of authorities and to get the vaccine mandates lifted in Alberta and Canada as a whole.

Simone then reposted a clip from Syd Fizzard, another reported with Rebel News, that displayed aerial footage of the blockade. Efron Monsanto, the producer of Rebel News, posted a comment from Premier Kenney which estimated that well over 10,000 truckers were taking part in the demonstrations and blockades.

Simone also posted another clip of a video showing an interview with one of the organizers of the protest. The organizer stated that RCMP came to the protest site attempting to give help to truckers who had their trucks frozen out overnight, including a small army of vehicle technicians and mechanics, and lauded the display of humanity and consideration from the RCMP towards the truckers. He also made it crystal clear that the truckers were seeking to speak with Jason Kenney.

“We need to have a table discussion with Jason Kenney,” stated a trucker. “We’re not hard-hammered here to keep this thing closed. We want this border open as well. It affects everybody … But it’s time now that we need to sit down and discuss what’s going on, and what the Canadians, Albertans want. We need change. This can’t continue like this. This thing is getting bigger and bigger … and it’s not gonna stop. People are upset. They’re done with this. It’s time.”


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