Pro-Trump PAC Makes Commercial Documenting Democrats “War on Women” [VIDEO]

While the Democrats continue to sling false allegations of Brett Kavanaugh abusing and assaulting women, one Pro-Trump PAC decided to document real life abuse of women at the hands of Democrats.

From The National Review

The Democrats, after all, are the party that extolled serial sexual predators such as Ted Kennedy, who attempted to cover up his causing a woman’s death during one of his drunken escapades. When Kennedy died less than a decade ago, the media referred to him as “The Lion of the Senate,” and he received a televised multi-hour funeral procession and hagiography that was carried live on several networks.

But Kennedy was a piker compared with Bill Clinton, who not only took sexual advantage of a White House intern while president but was accused of sexual assault by multiple women with far more evidence than has been presented against Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats responded by nominating his wife, who’d worked to destroy the credibility of his accusers, to run for president on an overtly feminist platform. “You have a right to be believed,” Hillary told victims of sexual assault.

Monahan, an active Democrat, and her son seemingly have no motive to lie about Ellison’s behavior, and three friends of Monahan and her work supervisor also said she confided Ellison’s abuse to them at the time it is alleged to have happened. She has provided medical records showing that she discussed the alleged abuse (and her fear of retribution from Ellison, who is named in the medical record) with her physician and her work supervisor.


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