President Trump’s Successful Criminal Justice Reform Could Cost the Democrats the 2020 Elections

The Democrats have been telling the Black communities for years that Republicans are racist and it got worse after Donald Trump humiliated Hillary in the 2016 election.

But during the Obama administration, they tried to convince Blacks that their lack of jobs was not Obama’s fault but the fault of a capitalistic system. Then came President Trump, creating jobs with veritable ease, which allowed them to go to work again. Another bone of contention is the accusations by liberals that Republicans were the cause of sentencing differences and they have vowed to reform the system but never did in the nearly three decades they have been calling for reform.

But, it took President Donald Trump to deliver on that promise.

From The Conservative Tribune 

These are the kinds of numbers that give Democrats nightmares.

With their hopes for defeating President Donald Trump in 2020 depending largely on turning out the black vote in its usual monolithic numbers, Democrats have been relentless in trying to paint the Trump administration as an unadulterated evil for African-Americans.

But a report released this month by the U.S. Sentencing Commission just made that job many, many times harder.

The report found that the First Step Act of 2018, a criminal sentencing reform bill passed by a Republican Congress and signed by Trump in December 2018, had benefited black prisoners incarcerated in the federal prison system in numbers far greater than other races.

Among the key findings for all prisoners, as highlighted by Washington Examiner commentator Paul Bedard in a piece last week headlined “Feds: Kushner’s criminal justice reform working, blacks benefit overwhelmingly”.