Where are the Preservationists who are supposed to be protecting our history?

Has Antifa been able to use its violence to stifle the input of preservationists across the nation? They have been very silent and no one has been seeking their input. The preservation of our history is paramount to their mission and they need to be very vocal in defense of history, regardless of the monument. If this mindless action of destruction and removal is allowed to continue, continues, you will actually see the dynamiting of Mount Rushmore and the destruction of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. Read here and see what they say.

As Written By Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

With public monuments and statues being torn down at a breakneck pace, there is one group of Americans who have remained relatively silent about this erasure of history. What makes their silence problematic is that they are actually paid to preserve our history.

I’m talking about historical preservationists, museum curators, and public artists – all of whom usually have a say in whether a piece of public art like a monument or statue stays up or comes down.

The New York Times interviewed several members of this group and found that many believed the actions taken by cities and towns to take down confederate statues and monuments were moving too fast and that there should at least be a debate about the removal of this public art.

Mark Bradford, the renowned Los Angeles artist, says Confederate statues should not be removed unless they are replaced by educational plaques that explain why they were taken away.

For Robin Kirk, a co-director of Duke University’s Human Rights Center, the rapid expunging of the statues currently underway needs to be “slower and more deliberative…..


Blog: Where are the preservationists who are supposed to be protecting our history?

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