POWER PLAY: Hockey Coach Tells Players to Respect the US National Anthem or ‘Get the F*** OUT Now’

Now, here’s a hockey coach I can get behind. He is tired of people like an over the hill football player and a loud-mouthed women’s soccer star trashing this country and he refuses to hear the same thing from his players.

He has told them that if they don’t respect the national anthem to get out now. The San Francisco 49ers should have thought of that when they had an over the hill quarterback hurting their brand. And how can an America hating soccer player get onto a team representing this country?

There were actually two of them and if the decision were mine, they would both be banned from the team, permanently.

From Sean Hannity

An unidentified hockey coach went viral on social media this week; telling his players to support the US and Canadian National Anthem or “get the f*** out now.”

“Hey guys, listen up a second. First day of camp. Something really important. We’re not Women’s Soccer, we’re not the NFL. If there’s anybody here who’s going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian National Anthem, grab your gear and get the f*** out now, because you’ll never see the ice in this arena,” said the patriotic coach.

“We don’t have that problem in hockey, we’re better than that. But there’s no sense in wasting anyone’s time if that s***t’s going to happen… We’re one of the most patriotic sports that we have out there. So keep that in mind, thank you,” he added.

Watch the Coach’s viral speech above.