Power Company In Virginia Tries To Ban Gun Owners From Voting

One of the largest power provider companies, Dominion Energy, is trying to help make sure that gun owners in Virginia do not get to vote in this year’s statewide elections.

Stephen Gutowski, with The Reload, reported that the political action committee from Dominion put forth a donation of $200,000 to the Accountability Virginia PAC, which is a group that has been paying for attack ads aimed at Glenn Youngkin, the GOP gubernatorial candidate. The ads took aim at Youngkin from the right, throwing accusations at him for not getting fully endorsed by the NRA and Virginia Citizens Defense League, which are known to be the two most prominent pro-Second Amendment groups in the state.

“However, the group only sprung up in July and is run by a liberal consulting group that processes donations through the biggest liberal funding operation in the country. While it attacks Youngkin from the right on guns, it has not done the same to Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe even though he is much further to the left on the issue,” stated Gutowski. “Rather than a straightforward campaign supporting gun rights, the effort appears intended to suppress gun voters and help McAuliffe win the tight race to become governor.”

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Dominion has, in the past, already made donations to the campaign of McAuliffe directly back in 2013 when he ran for the governor’s office and won. At the time, Dominion donated well over $75,000 to the campaign and went on to add an additional $50,000 to his inaugural committee.

With this new run for the governor’s chair, McAuliffe stated that his campaign would refuse to accept any camping money from Dominion, which is seen as a move that The Washington Post stated was coming from a political party that “has shifted leftward and has become less accommodating to the utility giant.” At that time, the Post made not that “the pledge was new for McAuliffe, who has been socially liberal but friendly to business.”

Rayhan Daudani, a spokesperson for DOminion, stated to Axios that the company has always been transparent with all of its political donations.

“Our company’s political donations are disclosed monthly on the company website,” stated the spokesperson. “We give in a bipartisan, transparent manner as our voluntary disclosures demonstrate and will continue to do so.”

As shown in the company’s most recent financial disclosure that it has posted to its website, which displays all corporate political contributions for the time frame of the 1st of January through the 30th of September. In the records, it is shown that Dominion has given some money to both parties, but it has donated twice as much to Democrats than to Republicans. Dominion has dolled out over $250,000 to the coffers of the Democratic Governors Associations. It also handed over $250,000 to the Democratic Attorneys General Association and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee each. Finally, giving over $195,000 in donations to the Republican State Leadership Committee.

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