Portland Mayor Tries to Distance Himself From Antifa Violence

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is now trying to distance himself from Antifa’s violence that he has aided and abetted for over a year now.

He will be facing reelection in 2020 and he doesn’t want his campaign bogged down by something he created. He is feeling the pressure after a recent terror event put on by Antifa that resulted in the hospitalization of reporter Andy Ngo and a man who had his skull opened up and had to get it stapled closed.

Under Wheeler, the police stand around and allow Antifa to commit violent acts without lifting a finger to help the victims until Antifa has finished the attack.

From Fox News

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler seemed to shun responsibility for allowing Antifa to freely roam the streets and commit violence in the city, insisting he always orders the police to “enforce the law.”

Wheeler, who’s been in office since January 2017, has been under fire for the rise of Antifa in his city, particularly after a June 29 protest that led to the violent assault of conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

“The game plan we’ve been using up to this point is no longer effective,” Wheeler told Oregon’s FOX 12 about the violence on the streets.

Ngo was seen being kicked and doused with a milkshake during a clash between Antifa and members of the conservative group Proud Boys during the protest. As a result of the attack, Ngo said he suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner released a statement following the violent protest, blaming Wheeler for lack of enforcement and saying the mayor must “remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action.”

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