Portland Mayor Caught In Violation Of Mandate

Ted Wheeler, the Democratic Mayor of Portland, Oregon, who has allowed extreme left-wing violence to plague his city, is just the newest in a series of Democrats being caught ignoring their own COVID-19 restriction mandates that they are forcing others to follow.

As reported in a story put forth by The New York Times that was talking about how Oregon, which is currently a Democrat-controlled state, is “facing its worst virus surge,” the news source attached a photo to the article of WHeeler and a few others meeting inside a hotel while none of them were wearing their state-mandated face masks.

The office of the Mayor was johnny on the spot with its excuse for the Times, seemingly claiming that the mayor and those around him were “actively eating and/or drinking,” which is a loophole in the state mandate that allows people to remove their masks while indoors, as per the mandate. The provided picture does not seem to support Wheeler’s claim, however. While the image does show various bottles of water and a few glasses, none but a single person was actually “actively” drinking. Wheeler himself does not appear to have any bottle or glasses near him at all in either case.

As we have seen just two weeks ago, Mayor Wheeler was strongly insisting on the need for the wearing of masks indoors, going so far as posting a tweet calling for Oregon residents to join him “in making a commitment to protect those around us by wearing a mask at all times while indoors.”

The mayor tagged his comments onto a retweet of  Gov. Kate Brown’s (D-OR) sentiments which also seemed to insist that everyone in the state wear a mask even while indoors.

“Masks are a simple and effective way to protect your friends, family, and those around you from COVID-19. They are a way we can help each other, especially the nurses and doctors working 24/7 to save lives,” stated Brown.

As stated by the Times, Brown’s most recent set of restrictions go “beyond what any other state has done in battling the summer surge, requiring that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks when gathering closely in public, even when outdoors.”

“The virus is rampaging through rural communities where vaccination rates remain low. Hospitals across the state are near capacity, almost 50 percent beyond the state’s previous peak in December. Last week, a coronavirus patient in Roseburg died while waiting for an I.C.U. bed,” stated the Times, without providing any specific numbers such as it normally does when talking about Florida, which is under the guidance of a Republican governor. The news source did, however, make note that Oregon is currently seeing 968 hospitalizations a day, on average.

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