Poll Results: Who is More Trusted? Trump or GOP Congress?

Well, if you listen to Paul Ryan, it’s his “A Better Way” and not MAGA. But then again, who listens to that RINO? Hasn’t he left yet? He is hurting our chances in 2018 midterms. I’m sorry but I just can’t be surprised after so many years of them caving even when they had a sizable majority.

I believe you mug them by first class mail. They have the backbone of a jellyfish and the courage of a liberal snowflake. President Trump may well have saved the party. Before he arrived on the scene conservative voters had serious doubts about whether the establishment Republicans were any better than the Democrats.

From The Daily Caller

64 percent of likely Republican voters said that the president’s views are closest to their own, the poll said. In comparison, only 20 percent of those surveyed stated that the average GOP congressman’s views aligned most with their ideas.

Of the Republicans who were surveyed, 10 percent stated that the average Democratic congressman’s ideas on how to handle major issues facing the country most closely align with their own.

This is the latest poll suggesting President Trump is viewed positively by the country. Earlier this week, a Wall Street Journal and NBC poll showed President Trump’s approval rating to be at 45 percent, an all-time high for his presidency.

Did you notice anything about the numbers? 10% say the Democrats are closer to their opinions but only 20% say Republicans are. You should do much better than 2 to 1 when all the polling is from your party. But President Trump’s solid 64% should scare the hell out of Democrats who are hoping to peel off some of those voters in November.

I personally think Trump has done an outstanding job and there are certainly plenty of GOP reps that I know I can trust (looking at you Gowdy) but overall, I do have a little more faith in Donald Trump.

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