POLL: Only 7% of Respondents Think Illegal Immigration is Not a Problem

Tonight should be interesting. President Trump will make his case for the need of a wall and other border control measures. Then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will make their case for the illegal immigrants.

A wide-ranging Economist/YouGov survey found that only 7% of the people who responded to their poll thought illegal immigration is not a problem. breaking it down by party is Republicans 2 %, Independents 7% and Democrats 12%. That would seem to give the president the distinct advantage in the argument, although the media will spin it and call him a liar.

I can’t make up my mind on whether Trump will declare it an emergency tonight or on Thursday when he visits the border.

Sample 1500 US Adults – Conducted December 30, 2018 – January 1, 2019 – Margin of Error ±2.9%

From The Washington Times

Amid non-stop news coverage of the President Trump’s battle to fund a border wall and the Central American caravan, the poll suggests that public worry is pronounced — almost two thirds says illegal immigration is a serious problem, with some predictable partisan divides. Here’s what the survey found:

• 40 percent of Americans overall say illegal immigration in the U.S. is a “very serious problem”; 73 percent of Republicans, 38 percent of independents and 15 percent of Democrats agree.

• 22 percent overall say illegal immigration is a “somewhat serious problem”; 19 percent of Republicans, 21 percent of independents and 26 percent of Democrats agree.

• 24 percent overall say illegal immigration is a “minor problem”; 5 percent of Republicans, 23 percent of independents and 42 percent of Democrats agree.

• 7 percent overall say illegal immigration is “not a problem”; 2 percent of Republicans, 7 percent of independents and 12 percent of Democrats agree.

• 6 percent overall are unsure; 1 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of independents and 4 percent of Democrats agree.

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