Polish Border Guards Utilize Tear Gas & Water Cannons Against Migrants

The events along the border between Poland and Belarus have escalated rapidly over the past few days in the wake of nights of intense faceoffs that saw Polish authorities utilize tear gas and water cannons to try and buffet back the migrants who they stated were trying to get past the border.

As reported recently by CBS News, “There were chaotic scenes as a group of migrants charged the fence. One of the migrants told CBS News that Polish police responded with a volley of tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as the water cannon. Migrants were seen hurling rocks and stones at the barbed wire fence.”

As stated in a report from The New York Times:

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The Polish authorities, in a series of Twitter messages, said that border guards at the border crossing between Bruzgi and Kuznica in Poland had been assaulted by people throwing “stones, bottles and logs” and firing “stun grenades.”

“The entire aggressive behavior is coordinated by Belarusian services and monitored by drones,” the Polish authorities said, posting videos of the confrontations. “As a result of an attack by people inspired by the Belarusian side, one of the policemen was seriously injured.”

Over 11 deaths have been reported at the border over the past few weeks.

Recently, the situation has been going south quickly as many migrants congregated along the border between Poland and Belarus in an event that the leaders of the European Union have claimed on Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, which is also known as “Europe’s last dictator.

The European Union has pressed the blame on Lukashenko for his orchestrating of the new crisis as a way to spawn an issue along the Polish border as a way to get revenge on the European Union placing sanctions on Belarus earlier on this past year.

As published by The New York Times this past Monday, “European Union foreign ministers adopted new sanctions on the government of Aleksandr G. Lukashenko.”

The aforementioned recent sanctions would aim at “individuals and entities organizing or contributing to activities by the Lukashenko regime that facilitate illegal crossing of the E.U.’s external borders,” as stated by the European Commission, reported by The Times.

Russia has made its stance clear by making itself a known ally of Belarus throughout this whole process, however, this past Tuesday, Lukashenko issued a warning that he may plan to involve President Vladimir Putin.

“I will talk with the President of Russia and ask him to get involved and, if necessary, provide appropriate assistance, without drawing them [Russia] into this refugee crisis,” claimed Lukashenko ahead of a planned phone call with Putin.

Just this past week, Lukashenko issued a threat to Europe by stating that he would see to the elimination of gas resources.

He reportedly issues statements to Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko that if Europe issued any new sanctions, “you must not forgive them anything.”

“We are warning Europe, and yet they threaten to close the border,” stated Lukashenko, as was reported by the Belarusian state news sources and reported locally by The New York Times. “What if we close off the natural gas headed there? I would recommend the leadership of Poland, the Lithuanians and other brainless people to think before they speak.”

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