Police Sniper Shoots Suspect Holding Kidnapped Baby According To Body Cam Video

Recently, a clip of body came footage from a tense standoff between an armed suspect who allegedly kidnapped an infant and police forces was finally released.

This footage, which was successfully grabbed by KUTV via a public records request, displays the entire pursuit and the harrowing hostage standoff that ended with the death of Oscar Alcantara, aged 30, in the wake of his fleeing from police with the child.

It was reported by KUTV that the incident started back on the 17th of February near the town of St. George, Utah, in which police were searching for Alcantara for his possible connection to “an incident where a weapon was brandished.” Police forces found Alcantara and forcibly pulled his vehicle over. Once stopped, a woman fled the vehicle and went to the police forces, claiming that Alcantara was still in the car with her child and he was armed with a gun.

Alcantara then attempted to run, speeding away in the car with the child still trapped inside, stated a report from KUTV. Police chased the car well over 30 miles, across state lines where the vehicle finally stopped next to Beaver Dam, Arizona.

“Put the child down on the ground, we will not pursue you!” exclaimed an officer to Alcantara once bystanders had been moved out of the area.

Alcantara then attempted to use the child as a shield before running into the brush, allegedly threatening the baby with the gun.

“Oscar stop! We don’t want to hurt you!” yelled an officer.

As the police officials continued to attempt to communicate with the kidnapper, a team of police snipers crept into position on the scene. Alcantara tried to hide behind the local vegetation, with many officers claiming that he was pointing his weapon at them at various points.

“The gun is pointed right at us! Gun pointed at us!” exclaimed one officer in the video clips, read a report from KUTV.

Almost an hour went by after Alcantara first fled fro police officials with the bay before the police sniper team took their shot and killed Alcantara. Officers sprinted over to the kidnapper to check on the baby and ensure it had not been injured.

“I got child, I got child, come here baby,” one officer could be heard yelling after grabbing the child, who seemed to be entirely unharmed, and then taking it to safety.

“The shooting remains under investigation by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, which confirmed to KUTV on Thursday that it is still reviewing hours of video and interviewing dozens of officers and witnesses who were involved,” reported KUTV.



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