Police Officers And DEA Agents Attacked During Amtrak Inspection

This past Monday, a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) special agent was attacked and shot during what was supposed to be a routine inspection of an Amtrak train out in Tuscon, Arizona.

At just past 8 in the morning on Monday, a regional task force for the DEA, along with a group from the local police department, loaded onto the Sunset Limited, which was slated top head from New Orleans out to Los Angeles, in order to perform a routine contraband inspection looking for things such as money, drugs, and various weapons. As officers attempted to detain a suspect in a train car, another person pulled a weapon and opening fire, striking and killing one of the DEA special agents, all while injuring another agent and a Tuscon police officer.

The subject that was already detained was officially arrested and taken into custody. The person who opened fire was later found dead while hiding in the bathroom of a train car where he had taken refuge in the wake of the exchange of gunfire with authorities.

The wounded Tuscon police official, who was injured while trying to assist the DEA agents, was standing on the platform directly before the shots broke the calm. There were no injuries among the 137 passengers or 11 crew, as reported by an Amtrak spokesperson.

In statements made directly outside of the hospital at which the officer and agents were taken, Chris Magnus, the Tuscon Police chief, heaped praise on the officers for their actions and mourned the unfortunate loss of the currently unnamed DEA agent who was killed in the altercation.

“It’s very horrific and we’re all just coming to terms with just how terrible a loss this is,” Magnus stated. “But I also want to reflect on the really heroic actions of the officers at the scene. They literally ran towards the danger, into the car, where there was an active shooting situation going on.”

Magnus stated that the DEA agent who was wounded is still in critical condition, while the police officer who was injured is now stable.

Regina Romero, the mayor of Tuscon, put forth a statement on Twitter that expressed her condolences for the victims of the attack. “The shooting that took place this morning at our downtown train station was an absolutely shocking act of violence,” stated Romero in remarks that were published on Twitter. “I ask all Tucsonans to join me in praying for the deceased DEA officer and for the swift recovery of the law enforcement officers who were injured.” Romero also put forth the order that all flags across the city should be lowered to half-mast in honor and remembrance of the fallen agent and the injured officers.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey put forth a comment in response to the shootings as well. “My heartfelt condolences are with the loved ones and colleagues of the DEA agent who lost his life today in Tucson. Two other law enforcement officers are injured in the hospital. Our prayers are with them, their families and the law enforcement community,” stated Ducey.

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