Police Intercept Armed Man Headed To Home Of SCOTUS Justice With Intent To Kill

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, police officials arrested a well-armed California man making his way to the residence of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after the man allegedly claimed to the officers that he intended to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

Patricia McCabe, the Supreme Court Public Information Officer, officially confirmed that in the morning on Wednesday that “at approximately 1:50 a.m. today, a man was arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s residence.”

“The man was armed and made threats against Justice Kavanaugh,” she confirmed. “He was transported to Montgomery County Police 2nd District.”

The individual in question was an adult male hailing from California, who was taken into custody and placed at the Montgomery County Police Station in the wake of officers getting a call at around 1:40 A.M. from the area around the chevy chase home of Kavanaugh, stated the Montgomery County Police Department.

The case has officially been handed over to officials within the FBI, stated one spokeswoman and the Montgomery County Police Department will no longer be able to comment on if the suspect was carrying a weapon at the time or not.

Various, and anonymous, sources that are familiar with the ongoing investigation stated to The Washington Post that the man that was arrested was in his mid-20s and was in possession of at least one weapon along with a set of tools intended for burglary.

Someone had given the police a tip that the man could possibly be a threat to Kavanaugh, the sources claimed to the publication, and the man was halted and picked up a street near Kavanaugh’s Montgomery County residence. Reportedly he never actually made it onto Kavanaugh’s property.

It was reported by The Washington Post that the initial evidence seems to say that the suspect was intensely angry because of recent mass shootings and overreacted to the previously leaked draft opinion from SCOTUS concerning Roe v. Wade.

“This is why leaks are dangerous. This is why doxxing justices is a bad idea. This is why justices’ homes should be off limits,” stated Carrie Severino with Judicial Crisis Network.

“This is why the Court must release the Dobbs opinion as soon as possible,” she continued. “This is not, to quote the Chief Justice, ‘business as usual’ at the Court. The threat to the justices is not theoretical. Until the opinion is finally released, the justices are in grave danger.”

Severino pressed Biden to “stop appeasing the radicals” within in party, putting extreme emphasis that “protests belong in the public square, not at justices’ private homes.”

“Will you finally condemn them?” she exclaimed.


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