Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor In Hot Water Over Using Tax Money To Fund Vacation

As the Department of Health for Pennsylvania expends great effort to warn against any non-essential travel, John Fetterman, a pro-COVID lockdown advocate and the current lieutenant governor, ignored all of those warnings when he used tax-payer money to fund a family getaway to the Jersey Shore well over three months into the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown.

Obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, records highlight that Fetterman used over $3,500 on security detail for their food, lodging, and overtime from June 24-27, 2020, in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Fetterman’s family vacation took place just a scant two days in the wake of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy officially announcing his crackdown on maskless beach goers during a spike in COVID-19 cases at that time.

One spokesperson for Fetterman’s campaign, Joe Calvello, did confirm the vacation to The Washington Free Beacon but highlighted that he never attempted to claim any reimbursement for travel expenses. Calvello went on to add that Fetterman had managed to drop the level of spending on food, conferences, travel, and office supplies during his first two years in the role of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

“John and his family do take modest summer vacations like many folks in PA,” Calvello stated to the Free Beacon.

Calvello stated that Alleghany County, the area in which Fetterman lives, “was not in lockdown.”

Despite all claims, Fetterman’s security details were, in fact, guests at a premier resort situated on the boardwalk of Jersey’s Ocean City, Port-O-Call Hotel, for the duration of the trip. It was also reported by the Free Beacon that the Fetterman’s have stayed at the resort for other, past, vacations.

To go along with his calling for extreme lockdown measures throughout the pandemic and promising to minimize trips, practice social distancing, and stay at home and away from indoor public spaces, Fetterman called on all of the residents of Pennsylvania to mask up.

“I  just can’t emphasize enough how important if you want Pennsylvania to stay open and the hospital beds to stay empty — please wear a mask,” he stated less than a week after his vacation. “A mask has nothing to do with your politics or who you’re gonna vote for. It has everything to do with keeping Pennsylvania healthy and keeping Pennsylvania open.”

Despite all of this, Fetterman was spotted strolling down the boardwalk on his vacation while maskless.

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor has historically been a major player in the pushing of COVID-19 orders and mandates.


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