Pence Blasts CNN for Fake News on Detention Center

Mike Pence took a  group of journalists on a tour of the detention center in the McAllen, Texas. VP Pence accused CNN of dishonesty. The detainees told the media that they were being treated very well.

But somehow CNN missed that and instead had a group of men yelling “no showers” which is all they showed. The men know that if they accuse the US of maltreatment, the Democrats will insist they be freed. It’s a similar tactic that is used by terrorists. And CNN’s coverage mirrors that of the old Soviet Union.

CNN should never be allowed to participate in any government function. They lie too much.

From Breitbart News

His tweet came in reaction to CNN, which reportedly showed video of a large group of crowded migrants, all of which were men who shouted “no shower!” to cameras. While the prime-time show Anderson Cooper 360 aired Pence’s interview with CNN senior White House correspondent Pamela Brown, it split the screen, only showing the sizable group of male migrants and “none of the footage of Pence visiting with children,” Fox News reported.

Pence explained the situation further:

The crisis at our southern border is not a “manufactured crisis,” it is real and is overwhelming our system. To show this, we also visited an overcrowded facility for adult men, many of whom have been arrested multiple times. These men were in a temporary holding area because Democrats in Congress have refused to fund additional bed space.

Rather than broadcast the full story, showing the compassionate care the American people are providing to vulnerable families, tonight CNN only played video of men in the temporary facility and didn’t play any footage of the family facility at all ignoring the excellent care being provided to families and children. Our great @CBP agents deserve better and the American people deserve the whole story from CNN!