Pelosi Shows Her True Colors… Invites Antisemitic Imam to Give House Invocation

Nancy Pelosi has shrugged off any indication that the Democrats are against antisemitism by inviting a radical imam who hates Israel and compares them to Nazis to give the invocation in the House.

The choice has been roundly criticized by Republicans and widely embraced by the Democrats. Imam Omar Suleiman will deliver the invocation and the invite of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. I guess they invited him since Osama bin Laden is not available.

Despite the ecumenical spirit of Suleiman’s prayer, the Jerusalem Post noted that Suleiman is “known for his Israel-bashing antics.” It provided an extensive list of examples:

As the 2014 Gaza War broke out, Suleiman said on social media: “How befitting that the 3rd Intifada starts on the 27th night of Ramadan as worshippers are denied prayer in Masjid Al Aqsa.” He ended his post with a prayer of sorts: “God willing on this blessed night as the 3rd Intifada begins, the beginning of the end of Zionism is here. May Allah help us overcome this monster, protect the innocent of the world, and accept the murdered as martyrs. ameen.”

Also in 2014, Suleiman also made a comment on social media alluding to the antisemitic idea that Israel controls American foreign policy, claiming that it is the “51st state.”

In 2017, he also addressed a rally protesting the US Embassy move to Jerusalem was organized by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), a group which seeks “to challenge the legitimacy of the State of Israel.”
He denied the Jewish claim to Jerusalem while speaking at the event.

“Your recognition means nothing to us,” he said. “Your maps mean nothing to us, your embassy is as illegitimate as the occupation it seeks to legitimize. Our land is our land, our dignity is our dignity.