Pelosi Claims Herself A ‘Devout’ Catholic Despite Her Abortion Stance

During remarks issued on Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has spoken of herself as being both a “practicing” and “devout” Catholic as she stood in defense of abortion.

As she sat down for an event during WOmen’s History Month with the president and CEO of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, Mark K. Updegrove, the California Democrat spoke about the importance of upholding Roe v. Wade.

“I’m a devout Catholic, mother of five children in six years and one week,” claimed the politician, going on to add that she tells all pro-lifers, “When you have five children in six years, then we will talk about it.”

“That was right for me, it’s not for me to say what’s for somebody else,” stated Pelosi. “Nor is it right for you, nor is it right for the Supreme Court. This has been a precedent of the court that should be upheld by the court.”

The speaker stated that she does respect people’s various opinions about how they see the law in regard to their personal lives, but then promptly jumped to throwing criticism at pro-life Americans by stating they were “people who don’t believe in governance.”

“They don’t believe in government protecting the environment, they don’t believe in the government protecting people’s voting rights, but they’re really big-time government in your bedroom,” she tried to claim. “Whether it’s a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ, whatever it is. All of a sudden, there they are.”

The issue of abortion “isn’t about what is your religious belief,” claimed the lawmaker.

“This really gets me burned up, in case you didn’t notice, because, again, I’m very Catholic – devout, practicing, all of that,” she continued.

“They would like to throw me out, but I’m not going,” she stated as a joke. “because I don’t want to make their day.”

Reportedly, Pelosi has been the target of harsh criticism in the past for trying to laud her catholicism in connection to her pro-abortion stance, despite the fact that standard Catholic doctrine states that all abortion is “a crime against human life.”

Back in May of 2021 as part of an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation,  San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone stated that he has taken time to have “conversations” with Pelosi about not taking Holy Communion at mass due to her beliefs as a pro-abortion Catholic.


“She knows that I stand by Church teaching, and I know she’s respectful enough not to do anything so provocative,” stated the archbishop.

“You cannot be a good Catholic and support expanding a government-approved right to kill innocent human beings. The answer to crisis pregnancies is not violence but love, for both mother and child,” Cordileona claimed at another time.


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