Paul Krugman Calls America, Russia, Saudi Arabia “The New Axis of Evil”

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t do or teach, write for the New York Times. Paul Krugman is one of those. Just take a look at his resume.

He was a financial adviser for ENRON. ‘Nuff said? He also predicted that the economy would crash the day Trump took office. He said that it would be so bad, the economy might never recover. Now, he includes this country as one of three members of a new axis of evil. The good news is that he’s never right about anything and this case is no different.

From The Daily Caller

Krugman was responding to a report that the US was resistant toward Climate Change findings at the UN.  “Unreal,” the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent tweeted, “The US just joined Russia & Saudi Arabia in refusing to endorse findings of big international report warning of long-term climate catastrophe.”

Sargent then shared a link to a Washington Post story about the recent eruptions at the UN over Climate Change.

“The United States joined a controversial proposal by Saudi Arabia and Russia this weekend to weaken a reference to a key report on the severity of global warming, sharpening battle lines at the global climate summit in Poland aimed at gaining consensus over how to combat rising temperatures.

Arguments erupted Saturday night before a United Nations working group focused on science and technology, where the United States teamed with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to challenge language that would have welcomed the findings of the landmark report, which said that the world has barely 10 years to cut carbon emissions by nearly half to avoid catastrophic warming.”

The real axis of evil is the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN.