Palm Beach County Techs Tell Tales Of “Total Incompetence” In Operating Voting Machines

When Palm Beach County was having trouble operating their voting machines, ethically challenged Susan Borcher blamed the age of the machines and the manufacturer. Now, the technicians step forward to tell the truth about the incompetence of the workers.

The manufacturer of the machines sent a team of technicians to the scene, trying to determine what went wrong. The results are enlightening. One technician tells how a poll worker decided the machines were running too fast and how that employee stuck a paper clip in it, trying to slow it down.

That was causing the machines to short circuit and keep it from producing an accurate count.

From The Conservative Tribune

The Times reports that Palm Beach County found “dozens of precincts missing a significant number” of votes during the machine recount.

Bucher, apparently immune to any potential wrongdoing, pointed the blame at an “overheated and outdated ballot-scanning machine.”

The technicians reportedly “witnessed Palm Beach County elections workers, apparently worried that one of the machines was running too fast, jam a paper clip into the scanner’s ‘enter’ button in an effort to slow it down.”

That is the kind of solution a 5-year-old child comes up with when his PlayStation controller isn’t working properly. It should not be the go-to response for election workers.

Worse yet, technicians were literally there, seeing as how they witnessed it. So instead of bothering to ask for help from people who are eminently qualified, these election workers chose to jam a paper clip into a voting machine. Utterly unbelievable.

Bucher will soon be promoted because in the Democratic Party, “Incompetence is it’s own reward.”