Old Uncle Joe’s Usual ‘Eloquence’ Strikes Once Again In Recent Speech

This past Monday while making an announcement about actions being taken to combat gun crime, Old Uncle Joe managed to once again sound nonsensical, stating, “Imagine had the tobacco industry been immune to prostitute being sued, come on.”

In the wake of this most recent bungling of a public speaking attempt, officials with the White House have once again doctored the transcript to make the statement read, “Imagine had the tobacco industry been immune to prost- — to being sued.  Come on.”

Biden began by speaking about oddly titled “ghost guns,” claiming, “Today, the United States Department of Justice is making it is illegal for a business to manufacture one of these kits without a serial number,” but it was quite clear from his statements that this was just a part of his obsession with strict gun control. He claimed: “This rule is an important step.  It’s going to make a difference, I promise you.  And there are a lot of other things we know work to reduce gun violence and other violent crimes and save lives. That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive strategy to supercharge what works while continuing to push Congress to act on sensible legislation to prevent gun violence.”

He went on to state, “We need Congress to pass universal background checks. Universal background checks. And I know it’s controversial, but I got it done once: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Then he turned his unfocused gaze onto the manufacturers of the guns themselves: “Eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. They’re the only outfit  — they’re the only outfit in the country that is immune.” He went on to give this week’s iconic line, “Imagine had the tobacco industry been immune to prostitute being sued, come on.”

He then snapped, “Look, this is incredibly rare because gun manufacturers have more immunity from liability than any other American industry, so they have never had to take responsibility for the death and destruction their products cause.”

With a record around gun control that has included many misleading or just completely false statements such as “Most people don’t know: If you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check,” and has made sure to falsely claim that gun manufacturers have “absolute immunity,” Biden claimed, “I support the Second Amendment. You have a right. But from the very beginning, the Second Amendment didn’t say you can own any gun you want, big as you want. You couldn’t buy a cannon when, in fact, the Second Amendment passed. And certain people from the very beginning weren’t allowed to purchase guns. It’s nothing new. It’s just rational.”

On the way out he managed to take one last swing at the gun manufacturers: “Look, this should be just the start. We need to repeal the liability shield of gun manufacturers and finally hold them accountable for false advertising and many other things they do.”

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