Old Uncle Joe’s Electric Vehicle Summit Made An Odd Omission

Old Uncle Joe intentionally did not invite Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, to take part in a summit on the topic of electric vehicles, and it seems that the reason for this spurning stems from the fact that Musk does not have unionized workers.

This past Thursday, executive teams hailing from Ford, General Motors, and multiple other firms all joined Uncle Joe at the White House as he revealed his reversal of “the previous administration’s short-sighted rollback of vehicle emissions and efficiency standards.” Most news outlets, along with Musk himself, were caught surprised at the fact that Tesla, which is currently the world’s largest electric vehicle produced, was intentionally not invited and blocked from taking any involvement in the summit.

“Yeah, seems odd that Tesla wasn’t invited,” stated Musk in a tweet early on Thursday morning.

As part of the press briefing that took place on Thursday, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, was questioned as to why Tesla had been intentionally excluded from the event that seemed centered around its industry. She danced around the questions but went on to heavily imply it was that Tesla’s lack of unionization was the spurning factor for Old Uncle Joe’s decision to snub him.

“Well, we, of course, welcome the efforts of all automakers who recognize the potential of an electric vehicle future and support efforts that will help reach the president’s goal. And certainly, Tesla is one of those companies,” stated Psaki as reported by Fox News. “Today, it’s the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers, and the UAW president who will stand with President Biden as he announces his ambitious new target, but I would not expect this is the last time we talk about clean cars, the move toward electric vehicles, and we look forward to having a range of partners in that effort.”

When asked directly as to if Tesla was not invited due to the fact that they were not unionized, Psaki just reiterated that attendees included “the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers.”

“I’ll let you draw your own conclusions,” she snarked.

Previously, Uncle Joe has, multiple times, praised the United Auto Workers as part of his statements at the ceremony:

We need automakers and other companies to keep investing in America. We need them not to take the benefits of our public investments and expand electric vehicles and battery manufacturing production abroad. We need you to deepen your partnership with the UAW, continue to pay good wages, support local communities across the country. 

That’s why I’m so proud the UAW is standing here today as well. It’s why I am proud that the three largest employers are sitting here and their sights are set not only on electric vehicles, but on expansion — expanding union jobs, expanding the middle class. It matters.

One electric vehicle YouTuber also made note on Twitter that Musk could have easily had a seat at that table so long as he had “moved Tesla manufacturing to Mexico like Ford did.”

“Apparently good-paying American jobs, making 100% Electric vehicles isn’t enough to be shown as an example of how other manufacturers should behave?” he stated

In reply, Musk stated: “Irony indeed.”

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