Old Uncle Joe Goes On Vacation As The Issues Start Boiling Over

On Biden’s watch, everything seems to be going downhill fast.

The events happening along the U.S. – Mexican border deteriorated drastically as over 12,000 foreigners attempting to get into America were made to take shelter under a bridge. Following that, Old Uncle Joe’s relationship with our allies went south which prompted the French president to remove his ambassador from the U.S., for the first time in the history of the United States. Following this, Biden’s top general from the U.S. Central Command backtracked on the official story as he seemed to acknowledge that a drone strike that managed to kill 10 civilians, of which seven were children and not members of the ISIS-K terror cell.

And in addition to all of this, which now seems par for the course, this Friday revealed that Biden discovered that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had denied his attempt to give COVID-19 vaccine booster shots to most Americans. The vote on the topic was nowhere even close: the group of experts ended up voting 16-2 not in favor of Biden’s new plan.

In response to all of this going down, seemingly all at once, what did Old Uncle Joe do? He left. He decided to take a long weekend with a trip to the beach, only managing to get back to the White House late on Monday. At one point over the weekend, he placed a few members of the media seemingly strategically along the path he was biking so that they would be able to get photos of him going down the trail, but when asked about the situation with France, he rode off in his escape.

“Mr. President, what will you tell Emmanuel Macron?” asked a reporter when talking about his scheduled phone call that was happening with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, as reported by the Daily Caller. “When are you going to call Macron?” chimed in yet another, but Biden chose to ignore all of these questions before making his escape.

Sean Hannity, a host with Fox News, put forth heavy criticism of Biden for his ignoring of the multiple events only to rest and relax our in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Hannity stated that Americans have been “held hostage behind enemy lines” for roughly 34 days over in Afghanistan. He also made note of the fact that people that Old Uncle Joe “took an oath to protect are now in hiding,” reported Fox.

“At this hour, Biden is not working around the clock to secure their release, he is not at a command center working on a solution. Instead, he’s enjoying another long weekend off in Delaware,” stated Hannity.

The plan carrying Biden landed at just past 1:30 pm on Friday in a parking lot next to Gordon’s Pond in North Shore, which marks that he basically took a three-day weekend.

“Someone in the administration needs to remind Joe that he’s the president of the United States –- he needs to get off his *ss and get to work,” added Hannity.

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